Early years

Pieter Dedoncker (°1984, Belgium) grew up in the countryside near Brussels. As a kid he already showed great interest in photography and its techniques, ranging from a fascination with slide projectors to being the family’s main events photographer around the age of 10. At about the same time he discovered another instrument that would strongly define his further career: the drums. He enrolled in a local music school and soon thereafter joined the local brass band. At the age of 14 he toured Europe for the first time with his surf music band, still playing today as Los Venturas, marking the start of a career in international performing and recording. In the last year of his studies he moved to Norway for a 5 monthprogram focused on music, performance and identity at Nesna University College. This experience strongly influenced his vision on the relationship between art, society and the individual, which would continue to run as a common thread through his career.

Back in Belgium he started teaching science at Sint-Lukas, a Brussels art school, and music at Class & Jazz, a private music school, while investing the rest of his time in playing music. Combining jobs and bands he developed further his skills, playing a range of styles with different bands and artists amongst which Los Venturas, Kostas Chatz, Masala, Steven Troch, Jobee Project, Kevin Trappeniers, Venusberg, numerous ensembles at the music school and many more. Touring outside of Belgium brought him to the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, USA and Mexico, while his studio work and his compositions appeared on 12 albums that were released between 2001 and 2019.

Full-time drums and photography

In 2018, after living for two years in Antwerp on his boat called ‘Nomadic’, he followed his heart to Florence and decided to fully dedicate his time to his personal artistic career. Taking up the role as a full-time touring musician, playing over 100 international concerts a year, he thus started a real ‘nomadic’ life. The intense experience of spending hours in a touring van, seeing the world through the eyes of the constant traveler, interacting with numerous different people and talking through music about life, stirred up his reflections on society and the role of art in it. Being confronted with his limits to address these fundamental questions through his music, he felt a growing need for a different artistic medium to express himself.

The Nikon D5300 that he had been offered as a birthday gift just a little earlier, turned out to have met his needs. Connecting with his childhood fascination felt like a revelation. In a quest to be able to transform his reflections and observations into meaningful images, he has absorbed teachings by Alessandro Michelazzi, Francesco Morandini, Niccolò Chimenti, Jacopo Santini and Franco Guardascione. His first bodies of work include “Sophrosyne”, a series about balance, and “Tabula Rasa”, a COVID-19 related project. Topics featured in his work include time, balance, choices and the friction between the constructed socio-cultural reality and the natural reality. His work is characterized by the combination of his scientific-analytical and artistic-emotional views. As an emerging visual artist, he is grateful for every opportunity that can contribute to the quality and visibility of his work.