Most of our lives occur in a reality that is a complex of narratives and social scripts. It dictates the way we behave and how we interpret what we see. With my photos I research the relationship between humans, their environment and their stories. I have an interest in anomalies or unintended consequences that generate a different awareness when put in focus. Exposing the beauty and ubiquity of idiosyncrasy confronts us with our adopted narrative and the often narrow way in which we perceive our world.

I use both digital and analog photography and prefer to work in thematic series. My pictures are the result of a long process of thought, research and a constant questioning of the photographic process and its language. Working in series allows me to carefully choose the aesthetic approach that matches a coherent narrative, leaving space to include different art forms.

I was born in Belgium and currently work and live in Florence (Italy). As a child I already expressed great interest in using a camera, however the choice to fully adopt photography as an artistic skill was made after building a career in music and feeling the need for another artistic medium to express myself. I have enjoyed teachings and guidance by Andrea Firetto, Alessandro Michelazzi, Francesco Morandini, Niccolò Chimenti, Franco Guardascione and Jacopo Santini.



Passepartout Photo Prize Rome – Online Gallery


June 10 ++ Riposo @ Villa Schifanoia, Fiesole (IT) – Group Exhibition

July 1 – July 6 ++ Chania International Photo Festival, Chania (GR) – Group Exhibition

July 5 – July 11 ++ Prospettiva Serre, Firenze (IT) – Group Exhibition



Calendar 2022 – Edition linked to Vivero Enredado exhibition by José Montealegre