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Most of our lives occur in a reality that is a complex of narratives and social scripts. It dictates the way we behave and how we interpret what we see. With my photography I explore these scripts. I have an interest in anomalies or unintended consequences that generate a different awareness when put in focus. Through exposing the beauty and ubiquity of idiosyncrasy, I research the way our socially constructed, anthropocentric world relates to its universal environment.

I use both digital and analog processes and prefer to work in thematic series. My pictures are the result of a long process of thought, research and a constant questioning of the photographic process and its language. Working in series allows me to carefully choose the aesthetic approach that matches a coherent narrative, leaving space to include different art forms.

I was born in Belgium and am currently based out of Florence (Italy) and Santa Barbara, CA. As a child I already expressed great interest in using a camera, however the choice to fully adopt photography as an artistic skill was made after building a career in music and feeling the need for another artistic medium to express myself. I have enjoyed teachings and guidance by Andrea Firetto, Alessandro Michelazzi, Francesco Morandini, Niccolò Chimenti, Franco Guardascione, Jacopo Santini, Liesbet Grupping and Ann Gewillig.



November 18 ++ Community Arts Workshop, Santa Barbara, CA (USA) – Ready To Hang , Group Exhibition


March 8 – 11 ++ Sint-Lukas Academy, Brussels (BE) – Noir Obscur, Solo Exhibition 

October 15 – 23 ++ MArteLive Biennial, Rome (IT) – Group Exhibition


June 10 ++ Riposo @ Villa Schifanoia, Fiesole (IT) – Group Exhibition

July 1 – 6 ++ Chania International Photo Festival, Chania (GR) – Group Exhibition

July 5 – 11 ++ Prospettiva Serre, Firenze (IT) – Group Exhibition

19 August – 19 September ++ Klosterruine, Berlin (DE) – Works featured in Vivero Enredado by José Montealegre.


Passepartout Photo Prize Rome – Online Gallery



Calendar 2022 – Edition linked to Vivero Enredado exhibition by José Montealegre and published by BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE.


Calendar 2023 – Self published limited edition riso print


Don’t hesitate to write me if you have any questions regarding my work, are interested in acquiring prints, or would like to hire me for a shoot. Just fill out the form below or mail/call me directly.