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Noir Obscur (2022) is a study of a unique black marble, coming from a small mine in Golzinne (BE). It is most commonly praised and used for its pure black, which made it ideal for the “Commesso Fiorentino“, a specific mosaic art from Florence, Italy.

Blueniverse by Pieter Dedoncker

Blueniverse (2022) is an edition of 3 original cyanotypes and 100 digital prints , commissioned by BleuBlue, a company specialised in water purification.

September photo of the Vivero Enredado calendar by Pieter Dedoncker and Jose Montealegre

Vivero Enredado (2021) is the result of a collaboration with sculptor José Montealegre. The photos depict copper plants and were used in a 2022 calendar that was issued as an edition linked to an exhibition at Klosterruine Berlin.

statue face marked with lichens

Renasance (2021) is a photo series about rebirth, transience and preservation. It contains pictures shot at two historical burial grounds in Florence: Porte Sante and Trespiano.

Borghi Pinti is a photographic project that started in Florence in 2019. It is a collection of photos depicting scenes that originated on various street walls as a consequence of a dynamic between human activity and natural processes.

Tabula Rasa (2020) started as a photo series of images that depict the various emotions linked to the halt of socio-cultural life as a consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown. It then evolved into a video in collaboration with poet Liliana Palumbo.